The Gulf Community-based Restoration Partnership (CRP) combines the efforts of NOAA, the EPA, the Gulf of Mexico Foundation and natural resource agencies from the five gulf states. Agencies from Caribbean countries are included in the Caribbean CRP.


NOAANOAA Community-Based Restoration Program
The NOAA Community-Based Restoration Program provides funding for on-the-ground restoration projects, technical expertise in implementing the projects and valuable experience in promoting and managing locally driven restoration activities. The NOAA Restoration Center staff helps to identify potential projects, strengthen the development and implementation of habitat restoration activities within communities, and generate long-term national and regional partnerships to support community-based restoration efforts across a wide geographic area.


Gulf of Mexico ProgramGulf of Mexico Program
The Gulf of Mexico Program (GMP) brings to the partnership a collaborative resource management network involving the five gulf states, nonprofit organizations and academic institutions. The GMP provides a broad geographic focus on the major environmental issues in the Gulf. Since its inception, the GMP has been a multi-agency partnership endeavor based on the simple premise that no one agency or institution alone has the technical skills, financial resources or legislative authority needed to resolve the environmental or natural resource problems confronting an ecological system the size of the Gulf of Mexico. The Program’s success comes from its ability to engage many people across the Gulf region to lead and to implement projects that move in an environmentally and economically sound direction.


Gulf of Mexico FoundationSince 2001, the Gulf of Mexico Foundation has administered the CRP, managing more than 75 restoration projects throughout the Gulf and Caribbean.



Gulf State Partner Agencies (see GEMS partner page for contact information)

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