2012 is off to a great start!

The Gulf of Mexico Foundation President Dr. Quenton DokkenMarch 2012 - The Gulf of Mexico Foundation has been busy and it looks like 2012 will be a very productive year indeed. We just wrapped up a very successful board meeting and donor reception in Galveston, Texas on February 23, 2012. The GMF staff was on hand to provide our board members with the latest information on our Habitat Restoration and Conservation projects, our plans for the Habitat Restoration Technology Training Center which will be located in Galveston, Texas and our expanding education programs including our Down Under Out Yonder Coral Reef Ecology Program, the Intracoastal Waterway Wetland Expedition and the Community-based Restoration Partnership. 

Our future projects for 2012 include the Master Teacher Program, the SeaWave Expedition, the Gulf Coastal Rangers, the Gulf of Mexico Wetland Nature Trail, and the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Restoration Corps. As you can see, we remain deeply involved in conservation, restoration and education efforts around the Gulf of Mexico perimeter and in the Caribbean. We remain active collaborators with scores of resource management agencies, other conservation organizations, businesses and corporations, and academic institutions.  There is no doubt the Gulf of Mexico Foundation will remain true to its mission in 2012.

We continue to expand our Individual Membership program as well as increasing our number of partners in business and industry.  In addition, we continue to expand our partnerships with other conservation organizations working throughout the watershed states of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.

And, as always, funding support is a key to today and tomorrow.  The Gulf of Mexico Foundation can only fulfill its mission  if it is supported financially.  Our product – a healthy, productive, and sustainable environment – is not something that can be bought at the nearest shopping center neatly packaged.  Our product is produced through financial support, wise investment of funds and hard work seven days a week.  We cannot succeed without you.  So don’t be shy – jump on board and join the adventure.  Future generations are counting on you.

-Dr. Quenton Dokken
GMF President/CEO