West Galveston Bay Regional Sediment Management Project

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Sediment from Hurricane Ike (NOAA)Habitat Conservation & Restoration Team (HCRT) of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA)
Governor’s Action Plan II

Action Item: H-4, Gulf Regional Sediment Management Master Plan

A first-ever regional sediment management (RSM) plan for West Galveston Bay has been developed by Atkins Global for the Habitat Conservation & Restoration Team (HCRT).  The area was seriously impacted by Hurricane Ike in 2008, making this critical and timely work. The plan includes extensive information on sediment resources and hydrodynamic modeling along with potential RSM actions to be explored for future projects. The draft reports have been reviewed by experts from a range of disciplines who provided valuable information, identified science needs, and explored the role of sediment management in the context of habitat conservation and restoration.

West Galveston Bay RSM Plan

Introduction (PDF 437 kb)
Chapter 1 (PDF 2.92 MB)
Chapter 2 (PDF 4.24 MB)
Chapter 3 (PDF 1.08 MB)
Chapter 4 (PDF 1.9 MB)
Chapter 5 (PDF 2.20 MB)
Chapter 6 (PDF 456 kb)
Chapter 7 (PDF 1.84 MB)
Chapter 8 (PDF 222 kb)
References (PDF 162 kb)
Appendix A, Acronyms (PDF 10.2 MB)

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