Outreach marketing materials have been drafted for the HCRT project products and are available on this page for review.  Please review them and  submit comments to Mike Smith at mike@gulfmex.org as they can be updated at any time as well as adapted for other target groups.


Private Lands Analysis Yes Yes Analysis and Recommendations for Increasing Restoration and Conservation on Private Lands in the Gulf of Mexico Region
State Policy Analysis A Look a the Five U.S. Gulf States’ Legal and Institutional Frameworks
Mexico - US policy Analysis Comparing the Mexican & U.S. Legal & Institutional Frameworks
Case Studies Gulf Regional Sediment Management Master Plan:  Case Study Compilation
MS RSMMP Master Plan for the Beneficial Use of Dredged Material for Coastal Mississippi
MS RSMMP Project Management Plan for Selected Beneficial Use Projects Along Coastal Mississippi
WGB RSM Plan Yes Yes West Galveston Bay Regional Sediment Management Plan
GRSMMP Tech Framework Yes Gulf Regional Sediment Master Plan Technical Framework
SLR Modeling & Data Platform Yes Yes Assessing the Potential Impact of Sea-Level Rise and Climatic Hazards on Ecological and Human Communities within the Northern Gulf of Mexico
SLR Modeling NWRs Application of the Sea-Level Affecting Marshes Model
ESV of Marsh in Galveston Bay Yes Yes Assessment of Changing Ecosystem Services Provided by Wetland Habitat in the Galveston Bay Region