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Earth Day 2003 Essay Contest - Third Place

by Aaron Dietrich, age 14
AC Blunt Middle School, Aransas Pass, Texas

Being a human puts a lot of responsibility on us to conserve our land. We kill, trash, and pollute more and more of our environment each year than we clean up a year. If we don't take action we will kill this planet like the black death did all those people.

We kill and don't even know it. We love to go to the beach. Well, a lot of trash gets thrown on the ground while we're there. When a six-pack plastic holder gets thrown down, it could kill a bird by getting entangled around its neck. Way too many animals die this way each year because of our irresponsibility. A solution to this problem is not to littler and to set up a community clean-up crew to help with the problem.

We as humans must have food. So we plant and grow hundreds of farms. To keep insects off of our food we use chemicals that are sprayed on the plants. These chemicals could end up in rivers, bays, and even the ocean. All of the chemicals we use affect our society. Sometimes we're killing animals like fishes, birds, and turtles.

Humans tend to create a lot of trash, sometimes million of tons a year. Where does all this trash go to? Well, some may end up on the beaches, in dumps, or in the ocean. A lot of the trash we throw away can cause harm to animals. The one major cause of death in the ocean is caused by oil spillage in the ocean. We sometimes can save the animals that we hurt. Others we can't save and they die.

In all things said, the point is we are having a big impact on the planet we live on. To keep our plant healthy and clean. We must take action and clean up our act.

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