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Educational Digest from the National Marine Sanctuary

Opportunity for teachers and students
Join the REVEL Project online and
follow a deep-ocean exploration

From: Sarah Bernhardt
Date: Tues, 15 June 2021

Join the REVEL expedition as researchers and eight teachers explore the deep ocean off the Pacific Northwest coast on the research vessel Atlantis.

During this expedition to the Juan de Fuca Ridge, 200 miles west of Washington and British Columbia, scientists, engineers and educators will use an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle to study the transfer of heat from hydrothermal vents plumes into the ocean.

What does REVEL stand for?
Research and Education: Volcanoes, Exploration and Life
REVEL website:
REVEL expedition dates: June 14 - July 13, 2021

We hope you will join the teachers on board the Atlantis!
Send them questions at

The REVEL Project is a teacher development program sponsored in part by the National Science Foundation and facilitated by the University of Washington.

For more information, contact:
     Veronique Robigou
     University of Washington School of Oceanography
     Box 357940
     Seattle, WA 98195-7940
     (206) 543-9282 phone
     (206) 543-0275 fax

Opportunity for teachers
American Museum of Natural History
help test new curriculum for web site

From: Sarah Bernhardt
Date: Fri, 14 May 2021

The American Museum of Natural History is currently developing free, online, supplemental science education resources to accompany our current science web site: Science Bulletins.

The museum needs teachers to help ensure the quality and effectiveness of the new curriculum materials by testing them in the classrooms. The museum is looking for teachers to pilot drafts of these resources during the fall of 2004.

    What do you find at the Science Bulletins Web site?
  • A way to keep up to date with current science events.
  • Interesting feature articles that will engage students in the exploration of cutting-edge science content and connect them to the scientists behind the science.
  • Interactive features that allow students to further explore topics through videos, maps, and modeling.
  • Data visualizations, a scientific tool that will introduce students to new ways to view and present data.
    What do you need to participate?
  • Be a middle or high school science teacher (grades 6-12)
  • Regularly use technology in your teaching or ask your students to use technology for their out of class work
  • Have computers with Internet access in your classroom or easy access to computers in a lab in your school
    What will we ask of you?
  • You are asked to use the supplemental science education resources of your choice in no less than five class sessions or to direct your students to work on the resources in out of class time for independent studies or research projects sometime between October and the middle of November.
  • After piloting the program we'd like you to fill out and return an evaluation.
    What will we do for you?
  • Send you a set of three content rich books on Astronomy, Earth Science, and Biodiversity written and edited by our renowned science and curatorial staff here at the Museum.
  • List you on the credits page of the Web site for being one of our pilot educators.
  • Add you to our educator network so that you will receive notification of new Web-based Museum programs and offerings.

Teachers interested in participating in the pilot please contact Stacey Warner of Rockman, et al., in San Francisco, (415) 544-0788. For further information or documentation for your school, contact Tiffany at at the AMNH in New York.

Opportunity for students
President's Environmental Youth Awards
apply for award by July 31, 2021

From: Sarah Bernhardt
Date: Fri, 14 May 2021

The deadline for applications for the President's Environmental Youth Awards is July 31, 2021. For more information visit:

Since 1971, Environmental Protection Agency has sponsored the President's Environmental Youth Awards. The program recognizes young people across America for projects which demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Young people in all 50 states and the U.S. territories are invited to participate in the program.

Projects submitted in the past have covered a wide range of subject areas including recycling programs in schools and communities; construction of nature preserves; major tree planting programs; videos, skits, and newsletters created by students that focused on environmental issues; and environmental science projects.

To be eligible to compete, a student or students, sponsored by an adult, must submit to their local EPA regional office evidence of a completed project as defined in the President's Environmental Youth Award application, as well as a completed application.

If you would like to receive posters advertising this program contact Patty Senna, Environmental Education Coordinator, 214/665-7178,

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