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Director's Message

by Dr. Quenton Dokken

Dr. Quenton DokkenFebruary 2010 – Wow! 2009 is history, we are almost through the first quarter of 2010, and May 24, 2021 is the 20 year anniversary of the incorporation of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation – 20 years – it does not seem possible. It seems like only last month that members of the EPA Gulf of Mexico Program Citizen Advisory Committee decided to form the Gulf of Mexico Foundation as a private non-profit conservation organization. But pictures don’t lie – the people in the photographs of the early years are definitely 20 years younger than those staring back from our mirrors today.

Mary Yturria, a founding member and the GMF’s first Director Emeritus said the other day, “Quenton, father time has me by the scruff of the neck.” We are all in the same boat. On the positive side, the Gulf of Mexico Foundation is young and ageless. The need for its services is growing with coastal populations. We’ve just begun.

The communities and people of the Gulf of Mexico owe Mary, Joe Dial, Colie Donaldson, Donald Lirett, Deyaun Boudreaux, and others of the founding group a debt of gratitude for their foresight to create the Gulf of Mexico Foundation. Just take time to explore the pages of the GMF website to see the contribution the GMF has made to the betterment of life in the coastal zone of the Gulf of Mexico – Americas’ Sea.

Why did they see the need to do this? It has not been an easy accomplishment and not one of them has made a dime off their efforts. There is one reason – to assure future generations a desirable and sustainable quality of life. Isn’t that what we seek throughout our lives? Financial security to meet our needs, family and friends to share the bounty with, quality communities in which to live, grow, and create memories, and a healthy natural environment in which to live, play, and pass on to our children. That is the true purpose of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation, help to ensure that the natural environment of the Gulf of Mexico is adequate to support the quality of life we desire.

2010 will be a keystone year for the Gulf of Mexico Foundation. We will be upgrading our logo, initiating our first magazine-type publication, establishing a public membership program, and expanding our efforts and influence across an ever-growing geographic landscape. We will tirelessly seek more business and industry partners from all sectors. Our education programs will be expanded to reach more students and teachers. We will work to link governing agencies with those having vested interests in the Gulf of Mexico; that is - get everyone to a common board table or coastal habitat to work together to ensure the quality of life of future generations.

I invite each of you to stay on board - jump in and help us make it happen. The future belongs to the children of today and it is our responsibility to manage earth’s resources so that they too will flourish in a healthy environment. The Gulf of Mexico is and always will be a cornerstone to the quality of life of millions of Gulf coast citizens and visitors.

-Dr. Quenton Dokken
 GMF Executive Director

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