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Cyberways and Waterways®
Changing the Pathways to Ocean Learning

Marine restoration projects bring students into the fieldThe Gulf of Mexico Foundation is a key partner in a project called Cyberways and Waterways, conceived and developed by 4empowerment a for-profit organization dedicated to the environment and education. Using exciting new computer technology, the program focuses on conservation of area streams, rivers, coastlines, and oceans. In 2009, the program enters a ninth year of encouraging students, teachers, and the community to protect and improve their environment.

Through online and field-study learning programs, Cyberways and Waterways® offers students an opportunity to study and electronically visualize Texas watersheds from as close as their own school grounds to as far a field as an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico.

Divers communicate with students via new technologySince 2000, the Gulf of Mexico Foundation has taken a leading role in an interactive underwater video Cyberways and Waterways® project called Rivers to the Ocean Webcast.

During the live webcast, thousands of Texas children are able to watch from their school desks as Gulf of Mexico Foundation executive director, Dr. Quenton Dokken, gives a "live feed" report from 77 feet below the surface of the gulf while scuba diving below an oil platform. Not only are the students able to watch live images on a computer screen, but they can hear Dr. Dokken's voice as he speaks via an underwater communications system. Students send in questions which a technician on the oil platform relays to the diver, who in turn answers them.

Supported by a grant from the Texas Education Agency, this project is done in cooperation with BP and Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Through participation in Cyberways and Waterways®, students develop real-world skills such as analyzing data, creating graphical presentations, and interpreting scientific terms and ideas. More than 50,000 students, parents, and teachers in 44 schools use the program's curriculum, bilingual website, and resource material.

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