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YEAR 2008 - CRP Project #7004

Project #7004
Peveto Sand Fencing & Vegetation Project #2

Cameron, Louisiana

Fence from Project #1
Fencing built by Peveto Project #1, CRP #4003

Project name:   Peveto Sand Fence & Vegetation Project #2  
Project number:   7004  
Project status:   Complete  
Grant Administrator:   Gulf of Mexico Foundation (for NOAA)  
Grantee:   Imperial Calcasieu Resource Conservation and Development  
Project location:   Cameron Parish, Cameron, Louisiana  
Grant period:   Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2020  
Grant amount:   $23,000  
Land Ownership:   Public  
Lat/Long: 29.8, 93.4
Types of Habitat:   Coastal beach  
Project leader:   Michael Perry
Project Coordinator
2003 Port Drive
Jennings, Louisiana 70546

Species Benefiting From Restoration:
   • Commercial and recreational fisheries
   • marine mammals and turtles

Acres of Habitat To be Restored:
Approximately 1.3 miles or 7128 feet of beach

Project Summary:
This project proposes to install 1.35 miles of sand fencing and vegetation to accelerate dune building. This proposal is an extension to a project in which the Gulf of Mexico Foundation is a partner. Peveto Sand Fencing Project # 1 (PSFP #1) is presently operating beyond expectations and has provided much needed additional habitat and protection for marine species on Peveto Beach. Although completely separate, this project will extend and enhance PSFP #1.
PSFP #1 was very successful. Dune building occurred at a higher rate than expected, plant survival was greater than expected, and Hurricane Rita proved the protection to the marsh was more valuable than ever imaginable. The knowledge gained from PSFP #1 will be utilized to implement this project and increase the benefits to this GEM site.
This project has two objectives: form a protective barrier between the Gulf of Mexico and the fragile marsh, north of the project site, and increase suitable habitat for marine life by increasing the quality and quantity of dunes. The project site consists of an unstable eroding coastal beach property running along Highway 81 and adjoining PSFP #1 on its east boundary and bordered on the north by inland marsh. If this project area were to be breeched by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the fragile marsh lying just north of this site would be destroyed. By increasing the size of the dune and assuring stability by installing vegetation and fencing, these objectives will be achieved.
The education component consists of holding a day-long “Gulf of Mexico Water Festival” to demonstrate the importance of the Gulf and adjoining natural resources. This activity will provide education relating to conservation practices and protection measures.

Project Objectives:

  • stabilize 1.3 miles or 7128 feet of beach
  • create 75,504 square feet of dune habitat
  • establish vegetation on the dunes achieving a minimum of 80% coverage by 2009
  • provide education

Community Involvement:
The community of Cameron and adjoining communities will be invited to participate in The Gulf of Mexico Water Festival. Local officials have agreed to assist in preparation and advertisement of this event. This education event will assist them to become better water stewards in their home and in their community. Qualified instructors will be on site offering “hands on” lessons on coastal habitat issues. Participants will have a greater appreciation for our Gulf of Mexico and a better understanding of how to aid in protecting this vast habitat and its adjoining resources. They will learn about the wise use, conservation, and protection of the Gulf of Mexico and how it plays a role in the environment.

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Sand fence - click to enlarge
Sand fence from Project #1 (#4003)

Sand fence - click to enlarge
Sand fence from Project #1 (#4003)

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Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

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