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YEAR 2004 - CRP Project #3005 (Gulf of Mexico)

Project #3005
Terrace Construction Phase II

Montegut, Terrebonne, Louisiana

Terraces constructed at project site
Phase II new terraces under construction - old terraces at top of photo.

Project name: #3005 - Terrace Construction Phase II
in the Pointe-Aux-Chenes Wildlife Management Area
Project status: Complete
Grant Administrator: Gulf of Mexico Foundation(for NOAA)
Grantee: Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Project location: Montegut, Terrebonne, Louisiana
Grant period: Jan 1, 2021 - Aug 31, 2021 (extended to Nov 30, 2020)
Grant amount: $70,000
Project leader: Robert Linscombe
                        2415 Darnall Road
                        New Iberia, LA 70560
                        (337) 373-0032 phone
                        (337) 373-0181 fax

Project Objectives:
Construction and planting of 7,558 linear feet of terraces producing approximately 3.5 acres of wetlands habitat in Pointe-Aux-Chenes Water Management Unit (PAC WMU) of the Pointe-Aux-Chenes Wildlife Management Area (PAC WMA) in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. The construction of these terraces will reduce wave energy and turbidity and should result in increased acreage of submerged aquatics. The terraces will be constructed in an area of deteriorated brackish marsh within a planned freshwater conservative management unit.

Justification for the Project:
Without management, this area will continue to deteriorate as a result of high salinity and tidal flooding leading to scour with deeper open water and loss of the remaining emergent plants. This will result in declining productivity for fish and wildlife resources.

Project Description:
Approximately 7,558 linear feet of terraces (3.5 acres) will be constructed within the proposed PAC WMA. Construction of the terraces will be accomplished utilizing marsh buggy excavator. Depending on the soil conditions adjacent borrow areas may be staggered and parallel to the actual terrace. The top width of the terrace will be approximately 20 feet and terrace lengths will be approximately 500 feet with a 50 feet openings between terraces. Terraces will be planted utilizing plugs of smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) once construction is complete. These terraces will be built in a planned 4,700-acre freshwater conservation management unit. This unit will be constructed with a grant utilizing NAWCA funds.

The objective of this management unit will be to increase emergent vegetation, submerged aquatic vegetation and habitat diversity. The unit will conserve freshwater from a forced drainage system and reduce uncontrolled tidal exchange, tidal scour and salt water intrusion. The terraces planned for this area will further enhance the system by slowing the movement of freshwater and reducing wave energy and turbidity. These terraces will also protect remaining emergent marshes and enhance waterbird and fisheries habitat. PAC WMA is a very popular area for waterfowl hunting and recreational fishing. Hunting success is high in adjacent water management units. Adjacent waters are extremely important for recreational and commercial fishing.

The terraces, adjacent emergent marsh, and submerged aquatics
will be monitored as a part of the unit monitoring plan. Land/water ratios will be checked with photography every 5 years. Submerged aquatics will be checked annually along with growth of emergents on each terrace.

Click on photo to enlarge

    Aug 2004 - 10 photos

Terrace newly planted - click to enlarge
Terrace newly planted

Terrace newly planted

Vegetated terrace - click to enlarge
Ashley Wilson on vegetated terrace

Location of terraces - click to enlarge
Map showing location of terraces

Location map - click to enlarge
Location map

Permitted terraces - click to enlarge
Map of permitted terraces

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