Gulf of Mexico Foundation

Gulf of Mexico Foundation


    Tropical RAMSDIS Online
         Animated real-time satellite images of tropical weather systems

     Tropical Water Vapor Image

     Gulf Hurricane Information
         Minerals Management Service Gulf of Mexico Region


     National Marine Educators Association
          Florida Marine Science Educator's Association
          Southern Association of Marine Educators
          Texas Marine Education Association

     Adopt-A-Wetland Program
          Texas A&M; University, Corpus Christi

     Sea Web
          Washington, DC

     Cyberways and Waterways®

     Texas State Aquarium
          Corpus Christi, Texas

     Armand Bayou Nature Center
          Houston, Texas

     National Council for Science and the Environment
          Washington, DC

     Bridge – Sea Grant Ocean Sciences Education Center
          A collection of marine education resources available online


     GulfBase Resource Database for Gulf of Mexico Research
          Harte Research Institute, Corpus Christi, Texas

     Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies
          Texas A&M; University, Corpus Christi

     Center for Coastal Studies
          Texas A&M; University, Corpus Christi

     Texas Automated Buoy System
          Corpus Christi

     UT Marine Science Institute
          Port Aransas, Texas

     Conrad Blucher Institute for Survey & Science
          Corpus Christi, Texas

     Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
          St. Petersburg, Florida

     Estuarine Research Federation
          Port Republic, Maryland

     Society of Wetland Scientists
          McLean, Virginia

     NOAA Restoration Monitoring
          Washington, DC

     Gulf of Mexico Regional Habitat Restoration Web Portal
          Corpus Christi, Texas

     Mississippi-Alabama Habitat Database

     Union of Concerned Scientists
          Cambridge, Mass
          Environment web directory


     NOAA Restoration Portal
          Habitats, techniques & resources; restoration references, habitat program

     NOAA Restoration Monitoring Planner
          Assists NOAA grantees in understanding and completing monitoring

     Gulf Restoration Network
          Network of local, regional and national groups dedicated to protecting and
             restoring the valuable resources of the Gulf of Mexico.

     Gulf of Mexico Alliance
          Establishes a framework and guide for economic and ecological stewardship
          of the Gulf of Mexico region

     Gulf of Mexico Alliance Working Website
          Provides current information for Alliance events and archives documents

     Coastal States Organization
          Represents the interests of the Governors from the 35 coastal states,
          commonwealths and territories bordering the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans,
          the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes

     The Ocean Conservancy
          Washington, DC

     Natural Resources Defense Council
          New York, New York

     National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
          Washington, DC

     Shell Marine Habitat Program
          Shell Oil Co., Houston, Texas

     BP Environment and Social Program
          BP, Houston, Texas

     Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program
          Corpus Christi, Texas

     Environmental Institute of Houston
          Houston, Texas

     Conservancy of Southwest Florida
          Naples, Florida

     Sea Web - Leading Voices for a Healthy Ocean
          Washington, DC

     Gulf of Mexico Regional Habitat Restoration Web Portal
          Corpus Christi, Texas

          Preserving endangered species and threatened coastlines of the Americas

     NOAA Marine Debris Program
          Providing information on marine debris in the Gulf of Mexico

     Sea Grant Louisiana
          Dedicated to sustaining Louisiana's fisheries and their environments


     Gulf of Mexico Program
          US Environmental Protection Agency
              Washington, DC

     Gulf Ecological Management Sites Program (GEMS)
          US Environmental Protection Agency
          Washington, DC

     US Environmental Protection Agency
          Washington, DC

     US EPA Watershed Information
          Washington, DC

     US Fish & Wildlife Service
          Washington, DC

     US DOI Ocean & Coastal Responsibilities
          Washington, DC

     US Council on Environmental Quality
          Washington, DC

     National Estuary Program
          US Environmental Protection Agency

     National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
          Washington, DC - a federal agency focused on the condition of the oceans
          and the atmosphere. Within the Department of Commerce, NOAA supplies
          environmental information products and stewardship services. It is the steward
          of national coastal and marine environments and a leader in applied
          scientific research.

     NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
          Silver Spring, MD - conducts and supports research, monitoring, assessments
          and technical assistance to meet NOAA’s coastal stewardship and
          management responsibilities.

     NOAA Restoration Center
          Washington, DC

     Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
          Bryan, Texas

     Minerals Management Service
          Manages offshore natural gas & oil
         US Dept of the Interior, Washington DC

     Consortium for Oceanographic Research & Education
          Washington, DC


     Florida Department of Environmental Protection
          Tallahassee, Florida

     Texas Parks & Wildlife
          Austin, Texas

     Texas Education Agency
          Austin, Texas

     Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
          Austin, Texas

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