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YEAR 2003 - CRP Project #2003 (Gulf of Mexico)

Project #2003
Clear Creek Restoration Project

Milton, Florida

Project name: #2003 Clear Creek Restoration Project
Project status: Complete
Grant Administrator: Gulf of Mexico Foundation for NOAA)
Grantee: Three Rivers Resource Conservation & Development Council
Project location: Milton, Santa Rosa County, Florida
Grant period: March 1, 2021 - Sept 30, 2021 (extended: Aug 31, 2021)
    Project initially delayed due to granting process with DEP
Grant amount: $75,000
Land Ownership: Private
Lat/Long: Whitehouse Reef 3043'00"/8703'00"
Types of Habitat: stream, flood plain, estuarine
Project Leaders: Chris Metcalf, Travis Davis
Project Manager: Stacie Ueberroth
                            5230 Willing Street
                            Milton, Florida 32570
                            (850) 623-0030 or (850) 572-9410 phone
                            (850) 623-5095 fax

Site where sediment from eroded gully spills into Clear Creek

Project Goals:
  • Reduce sediment loading in Clear Creek and Blackwater River by stabilizing eroding gully, an abandoned borrow pit from 1900s. Originally, leaders planned to create new channel in gully bottom. After further study, they changed method to simply create sheet flow hydrology, slowing down water before it reaches creek and diverting excess into wooded area.
  • Grade 100-foot-wide gully with heavy equipment (hiring land owner to use his equipment and labor). Will use terracing, plantings, berms, swales and mounds of dirt to slow down water. Afterwards, will plant native grasses and vegetation.


Old borrow pit and storm water flowing from runways at Navy base have caused bank erosion and hillside slope failure, which causes sediment to flow into creek.

Species Benefiting From Restoration: Gulf Sturgeon near confluence of Clear Creek and Blackwater River

History: an abandoned borrow pit from the late 1900s has caused bank erosion and hillside slope failure. Erosion caused sediment to wash into creek, disrupting natural habitat for sturgeon.

Restoration Plans:
  • reduce slopes and grade with heavy equipment
  • hydro seed natural grasses, plant longleaf pine, oaks and native ground cover, create isolated wetlands for excessive flows
  • create a stable gully by using vegetation, swales, terracing, berms
  • restoration can begin after Whiting Field Naval Air Station diverts storm water into retention basin, as agreed

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    Dec 2003 - 5 photos

    By project leader - 12 slides

Engineering CAD drawings show restoration plans

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