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Preserving habitat for shore birds and marine life

In May of 1990, private citizens representing fisheries, business, industry, tourism, agriculture, and environmental conservation came together to form the Gulf of Mexico Foundation, a private non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. The founders set out to provide leadership, energy, and resources aimed at maintaining a sustainable balance in the health and productivity of the Gulf of Mexico, the most economically productive body of water within the territorial seas of the United States. READ MORE

The goal of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation is to ensure a sustainable quality of life for residents and visitors of the Gulf coasts. To reach our goal, the Foundation promotes conservation and preservation of the Gulf of Mexico through voluntary and cooperative stewardship by individuals, communities, and economic enterprises of the United States and Mexico. The Foundation directs its efforts at all fronts environmental quality, resource management, Carrie Robertson photo public health, economic and cultural development, education, and awareness. Humans both benefit from the Gulf's productivity and pose the greatest threat to its health and sustainability. The Foundation's belief is that only through awareness, understanding, and stewardship can the Gulf of Mexico be conserved and nurtured for the benefit of future generations.

The mission of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation is to promote and facilitate conservation of the health and productivity of the Gulf of Mexico and its resources through education, public awareness, research, and leadership programs.

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Serve as a vehicle of communication and education to help enhance and preserve the Gulf of Mexico.

Focus attention of elected leaders at the local, state, and federal levels on issues that will help preserve and enhance the Gulf of Mexico.

Link efforts of elected leaders, resource managers, scientists, special interest groups and the general public directed toward achieving the goal of the Foundation.

Provide a meeting ground where special interest groups can work together toward sustainability of the Gulf of Mexico.

Foster a spirit of stewardship within all facets of society a stewardship for the sustainability of the Gulf of Mexico and the quality of life it supports.

Provide support to educational programs both formal institutions and public outreach programs and to scientific efforts aimed at achieving a better understanding of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.