GMF furthers sediment management efforts in West Galveston Bay

February 2011 - In collaboration with the Gulf of Mexico Alliance’s Habitat Conservation & Restoration Team, GMF has contracted with PBS&J to conduct a regional sediment management (RSM) plan for West Galveston Bay on the Texas coast. This effort will complement a recently completed plan conducted by Moffat & Nichol for the US Army Corps of Engineers by focusing on the western portion of the bay. One of the main causes of erosion of salt marshes and other habitats is the lack of natural sediment supply. Modifications to these natural systems have resulted in changes in the distribution and amount of sediment flowing into West Galveston Bay. The plan will serve as a guide to the beneficial use of sediment resources, including dredged materials as well as the natural sediments in the system. Both will be identified in the plan for use in future habitat restoration projects. Project elements include a sediment budget, sediment transport model, compilation of potential sediment sources and listings of prior and potential projects. Inventory and analysis of geologic features and morphology will support restoration project planning. One particularly unique task will entail evaluating the carbon sequestration benefits of restored wetlands in the West Galveston Bay area.