Jim Gossen - Member

GMF Board of Directors

Native to Louisiana with Cajun roots, Jim Gossen has been an innovative and tireless leader for the recovery and improved sustainability of the Gulf of Mexico’s seafood industry.  His 40-plus-year career in the restaurant, seafood processing and distribution business includes opening and operating six restaurants in Louisiana and Houston and founding Louisiana Foods Global Seafood Source, Texas’ largest seafood processing and distribution company.  Since the purchase of his company by Sysco Corporation, Gossen serves as chairman of Sysco Louisiana Seafood.

He has supported innovative marketing efforts and has been an ambassador for the region’s fishermen.  He has put forward a vision of a healthy environment going hand-in-hand with productive fisheries and been instrumental to the innovative Louisiana Foods Total Catch Program, which promotes the use of the entire catch to reduce wasteful by-catch.  This has included a recent effort to market oyster drills, a predator of oysters that inflict enormous damage on the oyster fishery.

Gossen is a recipient of the EPA’s Gulf Guardian Award, My Table’s Legends of the Industry, and Southern Living’s Heroes of the New South Awards and is one of Cooking Light’s 20 Food Heroes in America.  Gossen is a member of Southern Foodways Alliance and a founding member of Foodways Texas, a sister association, that together promote the cultural importance of the Gulf and which have made it their missions to preserve, promote and celebrate the diverse food cultures of the South.  Gossen also serves on the Advisory Board of the SoFAB Institute.

Supporting the Gulf seafood industry, Gossen has helped educate the public about the importance of the Gulf’s environment as both an economic engine and a home to diverse cultures.  Gossen is an ambassador for the Gulf Region and has been strengthening a sense of stewardship amongst Gulf fishermen, wholesalers, and chefs and the general public.