GMF-Led Restoration Partnership Receives Top Federal Award

The GMF has been selected for the prestigious Coastal America Partnership Award for its Gulf of Mexico Community-based Restoration Partnership (GCRP).  Through the collaborative efforts of state and federal partners and under GMF leadership the GCRP has worked with communities for more than a decade to restore more than 15, 000 acres of coastal habitat in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.  According to the Coastal America Director, Virginia Tippie, this award is the highest-level award given by the federal government for coastal restoration.

Since 1997, the Coastal America Awards Program has recognized “outstanding efforts and excellence in leadership for protecting, preserving and restoring the nation’s coastal resources and ecosystems.”  Tippie presented the award to GMF President/CEO Quenton Dokken on October 30th in Houston, Texas.  Also on hand to receive an award plaque was Drew Puffer, of the EPA, which is a partner in the GCRP.  All GCRP partners are co-recipients of the award in recognition of their vital contributions to the habitat restoration the partnership has produced since its inception in 2001.

Above right:  Virgina Tippie, Director Coastal America, (Center) Quenton Dokken, President GMF, (Left) Drew Puffer, GMP/EPA.