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Louisiana - June 12, 2021 -Day 1 of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation’s Intracoastal Waterway Wetlands Expedition (IWWE) was terrific. The day included the exploration of Louisiana wetlands full of gators, river otters,and fish, oh my!  In case you haven’t heard the news, GMF Education Program Manager, Suraida Nañez-James is guiding more than 20 teachers from Mexico, Texas and Louisiana on a five day expedition along a portion of the Gulf of Mexico.  IWWE takes educators on an exploration courtesy of a live-aboard vessel up the Intracoastal Waterway from Texas to Louisiana. Sponsored by GE and ConocoPhillips, IWWE educates participants about the environment and about issues facing coastal communities, aiming to balance both the environment and the economy. The expedition also includes guest speakers and guest professors. To learn more about the 2012 summer class for IWWE please click the highlighted link. Be sure to get the latest news about the expedition from following Suraida’s blog at

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GMF Education Program Manager, Suraida Nañez-James- After an exciting night in the Gulf of Mexico, teachers of the 2012 IWWE Class were extremely happy to enter the calmer waters of the Calcasieu River in Louisiana. Throughout the day teachers were able to learn about some of the issues facing the ecology and economy of the Gulf and most to balance the two. Special guest from LA gave talks on LA’s struggle to keep their wetlands and what is being done to try and save them. Throughout the day, participants conducted activities on board and took some field excursion via kayaks. Although an exhausting day, much was learned. We all need a good night’s rest as tomorrow will bring even bigger adventures!