IWWE updates


GULF OF MEXICO - June 14, 2021 - (Day 2) Read Education Program Manager, Suraida Nanez-James IWWE blog by clicking http://gmfexpeditions.blogspot.com/ or read below.

Exciting and very productive day for everyone. We explored, identified various flora and fauna, had some insightful discussions about the balancing of ecosystem management, talked to a woman crabber on the water, and even enjoyed some karaoke in the evening to relax! .

We collected various samples of vegetation samples as well as shrimp, crabs, and fish. Fishery issues, the way to categorize wetlands, adaptations of plants and much more were discussed. We also conducted our water chemistry labs and enviroscape. We will see what Day 3 will bring.


(Day 3)

Very proud of this class! Another productive day. We entered just north of Crystal Beach to find dense vegetation and lots more fish and crabs. Our 2012 class was ready to explore these wetlands and collect specimens to identify. Although we were able take our minnow net and seine up some samples,walking through the “mud/sand mix” made it difficult to walk without sinking. This experience gave our teachers a glimpse of a field scientist’s life. Fearless and ready to learn, everyone took the initiative to observe and critically think about their surrounding environment. In the end, we found many things for our group to document.

Other topics throughout the day revolved around presenting lessons and activities on oil in the Gulf, the importance of the Gulf, and how to balance out the ecology and economy. This was made evident as we entered the Galveston Yacht Basin. Our teachers were able to see industry , commercial fisheries, universities, development, marsh areas, and much more coexisting in just a small area. Tomorrow we hope to dock at Pier 21 and learn more about commercial fisheries and the seafood industry.