The GMF President speaks at International Conference

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CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS - MARCH, 2012 - -The Gulf of Mexico Foundation President and  CEO, Dr. Quenton Dokken recently spoke at the International Association of Drilling Contractors in San Diego, California. Dr. Dokken spoke about the need to build public trust and emphasized the importance of the oil and gas industries not only in the U.S. but globally as well. He explained how the oil and gas industry produces energy, hydrocarbon chemistry, job opportunities and business opportunities. “The image and level of trust in the industry can be improved, but the industry must use a different strategy; that is broad based education rather than focused PR and marketing campaigns,” said Dokken. “The oil and gas industry must be understood as part of the whole socioeconomic structure and not simply as one industry.” Dr. Dokken also explained how the GMF is a provider of broad based education. “As we develop the Habitat Restoration Technology Training Center and other education programming, one objective of the GMF education program will be to educate the public about the true socioeconomic structure of the Gulf of Mexico Society,” he said.  “Our target audience is the entirety of North America and our success will be a model for the rest of the world.”