2011: CRP Project #10-02 Elmer’s Island Community-Led Restoration

CRP Project Page

Project Summary
This project will protect fish and wildlife habitats and important human infrastructure on Elmer’s Island in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Community volunteers from the greater New Orleans Area will propagate indigenous plant species which will be out-planted onto Elmer’s Island to stabilize the beach and enhance dune formation along a critical low lying beach. Vegetation will also be planted into the back bay marsh and along the transition zone between the dunes and the back-bay marsh to increase habitat connectivity. With Gulf of Mexico Foundation funds the project team will work with volunteers and community members to install 2000 linear feet of sand fencing along the beach, planting the beach and back bay marsh with local ecotypes of Spartina patens (Marsh hay Cordgrass) and Pannicum amarum (bitter pannicum) and Spartina alterniflora (Smooth Cordgrass). We will utilize each component of this program, from propagating days to fence installation and plantings as an opportunity to educate volunteers about the importance of barrier islands, habitat connectivity, native species, species diversity, Elmer’s Island Community-Led Restoration Partnership and the use of this environment for fish nursery ground and wildlife habitat. Outreach and education activities will include discussions of the recent oil spill.

Project Name
Elmer’s Island Community-Led Restoration Partnership

Project Location
Elmer’s Island, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

Latitude/Longitude of the project site
N29* 11.473′, W90* 02.861′; N29* 11.316′, W90* 03.061

Land Ownership
(public/private): largely public (Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries manages this island and all restoration activities will be approved and supported by LDWF)

Anticipated NOAA Trust Resource(s) to benefit from restoration
(Common and scientific name): Cynoscion Nebulosus (speckled and white trout), Paralichthys Albigutta (flounder), Sciaenops ocellatus (redfish), Menticirrhus americanus (channel mullet), Pogonias Cromis (black drum), Micropogonias Undulatus (croaker), Scomberomorus Maculatus (Spanish mackerel).

Project Start Date:  January 2011
Project End Date: July 2012

Contact Info
Jennifer Roberts, Project Leader
2420 Athania Parkway, Ste 300
Metairie, LA 70001