2012: CRP Project #11-03 Restoring Coral Reefs with in-­situ Nursery Techniques

CRP Project Page

Project Summary
The goal of this proposal is the maintenance, expansion and planting of coral nurseries that enhance local populations of corals. Currently project managers are using in-­situ nursery techniques known as the “Floating Underwater Coral Array” (FUCA). Four FUCA units are seeded with Acropora  cervicornis, two at a reef known as Cayo Ron and two at Las Coronas in Cabo Rojo. The first goal of this project is to increase the number of FUCA units in the summer of 2012 by installing 10 at each site (total of 20) that will be seeded with coral fragments from the existing FUCA units at the nursery, and some with naturally occurring fragments of another coral species. This approach builds upon the natural, asexual reproduction by fragmentation and rapid growth of Acropora corals to produce colonies from small fragments.

Project Name
Restoring Coral Reefs with in-­situ Nursery Techniques

Project Location
Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Latitude/Longitude of the project site
• Cayo El Ron 18.10129 N; 67.28109 W
• Las Coronas 18.04549 N; 67.28096 W

Land Ownership
Puerto Rico Jurisdictional waters, public ownership

Anticipated NOAA Trust Resource(s) to benefit from restoration
Threatened coral species (Elkhorn coral Acropora palmata, Staghorn coral Acropora cervicornis) and their habitats.

Project Start Date: January 1, 2021
Project End Date: July 31, 2021

Contact Info
Héctor J. Ruiz, Director
HJR Reefscaping
P.O. Box 1126
Hormigueros, Puerto Rico 00660
(787) 691-­‐7410