Wayne Johnson - Chairman, Founding Member

GMF Board of Directors

Wayne Johnson has over 35 years of experience in both the business arena and as a provider of traditional legal services.  During his career Mr. Johnson has served as  partner in a Dallas law firm while specializing in business formation, corporate governance, regulatory and transactional law, and has significant experience as in-house chief legal counsel and in executive management roles with both private and public companies.

After 20 years of law firm practice Mr. Johnson joined with a client in Indianapolis where he served as general counsel and executive officer of a group of companies in the auto racing and sports-marketing industries associated with the Anheuser-Busch, Buick, Quaker State and Goodyear brands.  He later returned to Texas to direct strategic financing and acquisition alternatives for a client involved in a consolidating auto performance and aftermarket equipment industry.

Mr. Johnson has held positions as general counsel and executive vice president of several Dallas-based, publicly reporting companies in the inmate telecommunications industry. He more recently has acted as general counsel and executive vice president of a company involved in the automotive warranty, finance and insurance business, and as president of a division. For over a decade Mr. Johnson has been an officer and director of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preservation of the resources of the Gulf of Mexico, where he now serves as chairman.

Mr. Johnson currently maintains a private law practice continuing his business law specialties and is a co-founder of Community Care Program, a Dallas-based organization providing government-assisted communications resources to the financially disadvantaged.  Mr. Johnson holds a degree in finance and a law degree from Southern Methodist University.