GMF President active on speakers’ circuit

June 2011 - GMF President/CEO Dr. Quenton Dokken has been active on the speakers’ circuit lately.

The one-year anniversary of the Gulf oil spill on April 20 brought the event back into the media’s spotlight, prompting reporters to seek out the marine science community for answers. They report Dokken’s voice as one that speaks not of doom and gloom but of the Gulf’s ability to rebound from the disaster. He’s spreading the message that the answer is not to stop drilling oil in the Gulf of Mexico but to develop better and safer prevention and response technology.

“We must critically review the past and manage the present,” he says. His recent engagements have included speaking at an environmental conference of the International Association of Drilling Contractors and at a conference of the International Oil Spill Committee. He also recently spoke at an international conference on sustainability in Germany.

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