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Bahia Grande Restoration - Photo: Carrie Robertson/GMFOur Mission
The mission of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation is to promote and facilitate conservation of the health and productivity of the Gulf of Mexico and its resources through education, public awareness, research and leadership programs.

Making a Difference
The goal of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation is to ensure a sustainable quality of life for residents and visitors of the Gulf coasts. To reach our goal, the Foundation promotes conservation and preservation of the Gulf of Mexico through voluntary and cooperative stewardship by individuals, communities, and economic enterprises of the United States and Mexico. The Foundation directs its efforts at all fronts – environmental quality, resource management, public health, economic and cultural development, education, and awareness. Humans both benefit from the Gulf’s productivity and pose the greatest threat to its health and sustainability. The Foundation’s belief is that only through awareness, understanding and stewardship can the Gulf of Mexico be conserved and nurtured for the benefit of future generations.

Featured Partner: Nexen

The Gulf of Mexico Foundation welcomes Nexen to our family of supporters. Nexen is an upstream oil and gas company responsibly developing energy resources in the UK North Sea, offshore West Africa, the United States and Western Canada. A wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC Limited, Nexen has three principal businesses: conventional oil and gas, oil sands and shale gas. Nexen is one of the largest leaseholders in the Gulf of Mexico, with approximately 200 blocks of land. Nexen says “Our joint venture discoveries at Appomattox are our best yet.” Located about 72 miles off the Louisiana coast, Appomattox is estimated to contain (net to Nexen) 106 million barrels of oil equivalent of probable reserves.

Thank you, Nexen!

Our Partners

Who We Are, What We Do

The Gulf of Mexico Foundation has a clear and principled vision that ensures the alignment of all its activities along a strategic path.  We hope you share our passion for exploring and understanding the Gulf of Mexico and for conserving all that it provides.  But even as you join us in that rewarding endeavor, please look over our core values and commitments along with what we have achieved.

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President’s Message

We have left 2011 to history and kicked the door open on 2012 and the future. 2011 was a busy and productive year for the GMF. I and my associates have been constantly involved in conservation, restoration and education efforts around the Gulf of Mexico perimeter and in the Caribbean. Watch for new developments in 2012 including the Habitat Restoration Technology Training Center, the Master Teacher Program, the SeaWave Expedition, the Gulf Coastal Rangers, the Gulf of Mexico Wetland Nature Trail, and the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Restoration Corps.

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